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gdpr awareness copyOn May 25 the new GDPR-regulations become valid for all European companies and companies that deal with people living in Europe. Because Curaçao Hiking organizes hikes for locals and tourists this means that this new law also is valid for the European tourists who register for a hike or who subscribe to the Curaçao Hiking newsletter.
In simple terms this new privacy regulation means that you as a customer have the right to know what information about you is kept and for what purpose it is kept. Also you have the right to ask this information to be sent to you or to request the deletion of the information about you.

New and renewed routes

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Seru Jamanika verkenning 20180307 027 webDuring the past weeks I have explored a possible new route around the lagune of Jan Thiel, I checked if a discontinued hike (Seru Jamanika) is once again accessible and I looked into an extension of the existing hike at Jan Thiel West.

Around the Jan Thiel lagoon

The hike around the lagune of Jan Thiel is a long one; it needs some more exploring to find the best route. Because of its length I will most probably not include this hike in my regular schedule but will announce it as an extra hike probably on Saturdays.

The Seru Jamanika

The hike to the Seru Jamanika was discontinued because the route became inaccessible due to fallen trees. In the meantime a group volunteers of Hbike outdoor Curacao has cleared the trail, so I decided to check it out. Because this hike overlaps the Malpais hike almost completely I will schedule the route to the Seru Jamanika alternately with the hike through Malpais on the Sundays.

Jan Thiel West renewed

And lastly I went exploring for an extension to the Jan Thiel West hike. In the past I had a short alternative for this hike along the coast but discontinued that hike because it was so short. Now I have combined the route along the coast with the normal Jan Thiel West hike and also extended the second part by going along the shore of the lagune. This hike will become the normal version of the Jan Thiel West hike.

More information

Look below for the links to the three new or renewed hikes:

Curaçao hiking picture site

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JanThiel rondom 20180305 020 Luminar2018 edit webAfter a hike I normally post pictures of that hike on my facebook page. That is easy and convenient. But when you want to look back at previous hikes you have to scroll down quite a bit to find these. To make it easier to look at pictures of previous hikes I have created a new website with pictures taken during the scheduled hikes, pictures taken during hikes with other hiking organizations in Curaçao, pictures taken during my own hikes or hikes with friends and, last but not least, my pictures of the beautiful underwater world of Curaçao. All this can be found at

Results of the 2017 survey

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Q1 copyIn October I started a survey to find out if my current choices for hiking days and times were what my hikers prefer. I aimed at 100 responses and finally got 97 so it is time to report the results.

The survey was posted on facebook and was seen by 5510 people at least once and for most people twice. From these 5510 200 people clicked on the link to go to the survey (3.6%) and 97 actually filled out the survey (1.8%). Although these percentages seem low they are not uncommon for anonymous surveys.
The below mentioned results are based on the responses that I got; so they apply to the people that responded to my questions. Others may have another opinion but they passed on the opportunity to express their opinion (98%) or they never got the survey presented.

Are the hikes suitable for children?

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A question that I get with a certain regularity is if the hikes are suitable for children. My answer: it depends. Not really useful isn't it? So let me try to be more specific.

It depends on a lot of factors. The most important factor is the difficulty of the hike. A number of my hikes are on reasonably flat terrain. These kind of hikes are more suitable for kids than a hike in which we climb a hill. A second important factor is if the kid is used to hiking. My hikes take between 2 to 3 hours. Has the child the condition to fulfill such a hike?