New route for one of my hikes

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Kabrietenberg alternatief 20190831 001 webTwo of my hikes share a large part of the route. These are Caracasbay peninsula and Kabrietenberg (Mountain of the goates). The first part of this route consists for both of these routes of a visit to Fort Beekenburg and the Quarantaine building. Both historical buildings with a lot of information to tell. So this part of the route takes more than 1 hour. That means that for people that attend both of these hikes a large part of the information is already known. That was always something that bothered me. So when I recently had a small group for the hike to the top of the Kabrietenberg, all hikers who already attended the Caracasbay peninsula hike, I decided to use this occasion to try another route. I combined parts of my original route, the route around the mountain and parts of routes by HBike Outdoor Curaçao into a new one. I reversed my original route so that the first stop is the top of the Kabrietenberg. Normally I do that at the end of the hike.

After descending the mountain I start the trail that I normally take around the mountain till the overhang where I normally take my break during the Caracasbay peninsula hike. That spot will also be the break in this new route. Soon after leaving this spot I start hiking a trail that I know from my hikes with HBike Outdoor Curaçao. This leads us to the Eastern part of the peninsual along the coast to a location opposite the St. Barbara resort. This part is quite hilly. Opposite the resort we leave the coast and cross the peninsula to the other (Western) side of the peninsula. There we start a quite challenging climb to the Quarantaine building. An alternative to this challenging part would be to walk on the asphalt road to the Quarantaine building. The choice will be made during the hike depending on the condition of most of the hikers.

We visit some WW II remnants and walk along the Quarantaine building. From there we walk via Fort Beekenburg back to the parking lot where we started our hike.

This hike is quite different from the original one. Longer by about 1 km so the hike will take about 3 - 3.5 hours. Considerably less information so more of a real hike. Also the pace will be higher than during most of my hikes. And considerably more challenging because not only do we climb the Kabrietenberg, we also have several rocks to climb during the remainder of the hike.

The first few times I will do this hike with a smaller group of people than normal to find out if a lot of assistance is needed during the hike.

For a full description of this hike click this link