New and renewed routes

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Seru Jamanika verkenning 20180307 027 webDuring the past weeks I have explored a possible new route around the lagune of Jan Thiel, I checked if a discontinued hike (Seru Jamanika) is once again accessible and I looked into an extension of the existing hike at Jan Thiel West.

Around the Jan Thiel lagoon

The hike around the lagune of Jan Thiel is a long one; it needs some more exploring to find the best route. Because of its length I will most probably not include this hike in my regular schedule but will announce it as an extra hike probably on Saturdays.

The Seru Jamanika

The hike to the Seru Jamanika was discontinued because the route became inaccessible due to fallen trees. In the meantime a group volunteers of Hbike outdoor Curacao has cleared the trail, so I decided to check it out. Because this hike overlaps the Malpais hike almost completely I will schedule the route to the Seru Jamanika alternately with the hike through Malpais on the Sundays.

Jan Thiel West renewed

And lastly I went exploring for an extension to the Jan Thiel West hike. In the past I had a short alternative for this hike along the coast but discontinued that hike because it was so short. Now I have combined the route along the coast with the normal Jan Thiel West hike and also extended the second part by going along the shore of the lagune. This hike will become the normal version of the Jan Thiel West hike.

More information

Look below for the links to the three new or renewed hikes: