Are the hikes suitable for children?

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A question that I get with a certain regularity is if the hikes are suitable for children. My answer: it depends. Not really useful isn't it? So let me try to be more specific.

It depends on a lot of factors. The most important factor is the difficulty of the hike. A number of my hikes are on reasonably flat terrain. These kind of hikes are more suitable for kids than a hike in which we climb a hill. A second important factor is if the kid is used to hiking. My hikes take between 2 to 3 hours. Has the child the condition to fulfill such a hike?

The youngest child that participated in one of my hikes was 5 years old. The hike was at Malpais; that is a hike on reasonably flat terrain mostly on dirt roads. The child was tired at the end but finished the walk without the need to be carried. Recently a child of almost 12 participated in the hike to the top of the Kabrietenberg. That is a hike with a hill, a rough underground at some places and a duration of about 3 hours. Absolutely no problem for her.

So in general I would say that between 5 and 10 years it is mostly dependent on how used the child is to hikes of 2 hours. I would recommend to limit children of this age to the hikes without a hill. Under the age of 5 my advice would be to leave the child at home. Children 10 years and older can participate in all the hikes if sufficiently used to hikes of 2 - 3 hours.

For children who are in Curaçao for a vacation another factor to keep in mind is the high temperature and the sun. Sufficient water and a good protection to the sun can compensate for that.

I hope this gives sufficient information to decide for yourself if you can take a child with you on these hikes.