Curaçao - a paradise for hiking

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Curaçao is a paradise for hiking. Especially in the rain season the nature is very lush and green. But also during the dry season there is enough to explore. Curaçao has a rich history and there is still a lot visible of this history for the once who know where to look for it. There are historical indian sites, there are remains of the period in which large plantations were kept and there are remains of the period in which the island had to be defended from unwanted outsiders.

This website provides information about guided hikes. Many areas in Curaçao are made accessible for the public by the organisation Uniek Curaçao. You could do a hike in such an area yourself although the track is not always clearly marked. And the booklet that contained a summary description of each of the hikes is no longer available. A hike with an experienced guide, who can give additional information about the things that can be seen along the route, is recommended