Please register yourself or your group in case you are interested in one of the scheduled hikes. By registering you confirm that you have a sufficient condition to perform the chosen hike successfully. You agree that participating in such hike is at your own risk.

Please bring good walking shoes, sufficient water for the hike and some protection against the sun.

A scheduled hike will be performed if at least one person has registered for the planned hike. The guide has the option to cancel the hike in case 24 hours before the start of the hike nobody has registered; in that case the date of the hike in the form below will be removed from the list as a sign that the registration has been closed.

If for any reason the hike for which you have registered has to be cancelled you will be informed by phone or email. If for any reason you have to cancel the hike yourself please let me know by phone or email (see contact page).

Price: US$ 10.00 to be paid before the hike starts (at the parking lot). inhabitants from the Dutch kingdom get a discount and pay Nafl 15.00

ATTENTION: after registration you should get a copy of the registration information in your inbox; if you don't get that mail something went wrong during registration. Contact me at curacaohiking at

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Scheduled hikes

In the coming weeks the following hikes will be held: 

All hikes start from the parking place mentioned in the description of the hike.

Each hike costs US$ 10.00 per person to be paid at the start of the hike.

Registration: click here