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Jan Thiel West

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  • Difficulty: easy
  • Terrain: Mostly level
  • Total distance (km): 4.7
  • Duration (hours): 2 - 2.5


Hike from Jan Thiel bay to the entrance of the lagoon along the coast and then back via a different path
Highlights of this hike:

  • Ruin of the kiln with water tanks
  • Ruin of the old storage building for salt
  • Traces of the old pier
  • Old border wall
  • Nice views

The hike starts at the barrier accross the dirt road close to the Chogogo resort at the Jan Thiel bay. The car can be parked along the road next to this resort.
The first part of the hike is close to the sea shore. There we find nice mangroves; we follow a path that leads us uphill where we continue the hike is on top of the cliff. When we reach the area around the entrance of the lagun we go back down to sea level where we visit the old border wall, the remnants of the salt storage building, the old pier and the ruin of the lime kiln.
After a rest with fruit under a nice Palu di sia we continue our hike more inland over a winding path with a divers vegetation along the path. There are Gumtrees, Brasilwood or Dyewood trees, Dividivi trees and some Kalbas trees. We cross a long and straight dirt maintenance road to continue in the direction of the lagoon. Then we walk along the shore of the lagoon. When we reach the first saltpan on this side of the lagoon we start the last part of the hike which brings us back to the parked cars.

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