View on the lagune View on the lagune
Wednesday, 07 March 2018 16:29

Around the Jan Thiel lagoon

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  • Difficulty: easy
  • Terrain: Mostly level
  • Total distance (km): 10
  • Duration (hours): 3.5 - 4


Hike around the lagoon of Jan Thiel

Highlights of this hike

  • the historical bridge and a large well in Parke Sorsaka
  • a nice Mazaliña forest and a forest of Mangrove trees
  • beautiful nature along the path
  • view on the lagune
  • remnants of a lime kiln
  • saltpans

We park the cars along the road close to the plantation house Sorsaka opposite the Botika Sorsaka. From there we walk to the entrance of Parke Sorsaka; we walk through this park towards the area around the lagune of Jan Thiel, which can be muddy at times. We walk counterclockwise around the lagune. Depending on the water level it can be easy (low water level) to challenging to keep your feet dry (high water). There is a kind of bridge built at a place where we have to cross the water. If the water level is hight part of this bridge lies under water. Closer to the entrance of the lagoon we go a bit higher up.

Near the entrance of the lagoon we find an old border wall, an old pier and the remnants of a lime kiln; After a short break with fruit we continue our hike on the other side of the lagune further inland till we once again reach the shore of the lagune. We pass an old saltworkers house and the old saltpans.After leaving the lagoon behind we walk back along the same path as in the beginning to our cars.

Attention: this hike is about 10 km long; if we want to be back in a reasonable time (3.5 to 4 hours) we have to keep a good pace during most of the hike.

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Scheduled hikes

Because of the rain season there is an abundant grow of the plants next to and over  the trails. For that reason it is currently not possible to plan the hikes in advance. For each hike that I want to schedule I need to check the trail beforehand and in most cases I need to clear the path from the overgrowing vegetation. That takes at least one and in some cases up to 4 half-day sessions. After that is done the hike can be scheduled.
So there are currently no hikes scheduled in advance. Only the hike for the upcoming Sunday, if any, is shown here and only for that hike the registration is open.
Please check also my facebook page for information about upcoming hikes.

In the coming weeks the following hikes will be held: 

All hikes start from the parking place mentioned in the description of the hike.

Each hike costs US$ 10.00 per person to be paid at the start of the hike.

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