Parke Sorsaka - bridge Parke Sorsaka - bridge @ John Dohmen
Monday, 19 May 2014 14:55

Parke Sorsaka and Jan Thiel Lagoon

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  • Difficulty: easy
  • Terrain: Mostly level
  • Total distance (km): 5.5
  • Duration (hours): 2.5 - 3


Hike through Parke Sorsaka (Den Dunki) to the lagoon of Jan Thiel. 

Highlights of this hike:

  • Monumental bridge
  • Large well
  • Several waterworks
  • Forest with large trees
  • Salt pans
  • Flamingos (most of the time)

The cars are parked close to the parking lot of the pharmacy Sorsaka along the Caracasbaaiweg (Road to the Caracasbay); from there we walk to the entrance of Parke Sorsaka. Inside this park, close to the entrance is the large bridge that was part of the Swan park that was created here by the family Gorsira in the 19th century. Then we visit the large well. A nice example of the way water was made available in the past.

The hike continues through a forest-like area with impressive large trees to the Jan Thiel lagoon. From there the route is dependent on the condition and water level of the lagoon. We walk as much as possible over the dry area close to the border of the lagoon. There are two old dams in this area. Most of the time a large flock of flamingos can be found in the lagoon. Other water birds can also be seen in this area. We continue the hike along the lagoon and visit several salt pans in this area. During the dry period crystallized salt can be found in these pans. This gives a snow-like effect which is very special in our tropical climate.

Then we walk back to the cars more or less along the same route.

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