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Seru Jamanika

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  • Difficulty: difficult
  • Terrain: Hilly, Rough / sharp
  • Total distance (km): 6.8
  • Duration (hours): 3.5


New version via Boka Uniko and Roi Kenepa
Hike from the parking lot of Kokomo Beach at Vaersenbay;  we start out hike by going up the cliff on the Western side of the parking lot. On top of the cliff we walk to Boka Uniko, a tiny beach. From there we take the Roi Kenepa to the Weg naar Bullenbaai (road to Bullenbay); we walk alongside this road for a small distance till we reach the beginning of the Binà trail. We follow the Binà trail till we get to the path towards the Seru Jamanika. From this point on we are on the previous version of this trail. We follow this trail to the Seru Jamanika. Seru is the local word for mountain. The climb is mostly gradually but sometimes a bit steep especially near the highest point that we will reach. We don't go to the top completely because that part is not easily accessible but we will reach a height of about 90 meters from where there is a nice view over the surroundings. There is a good chance that we will have birds of prey overhead. After a rest at the highest point we descend (sometimes steep). Uphill and downhill are challanging parts of this hike.
On our way back to the parking lot we walk over the Shell dam where we have a view on the lake that disappeared (Lago Disparsé). We continue over a dirt road and cross the dry saliña to the parking lot.

Highlights of this trip:

  • Nice nature in the area of Malpais (former plantation)
  • View over the lake that disappeared (Lago Disparsé)
  • View from the side of the Seru Jamanika

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