New repeating schedule of hikes starting April 14 2019

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StMichielsberg 20190317 029 webySince the introduction of the new route to the top of the St. Michiel's mountain via the Seru Blandan I decided to discontinue my route around the saliña of St. Michiel. In this way I avoided the part at the dam where at high water we had to go through the water. Another change is to consider the two variations of the hikes on the Caracasbaai peninsula as equally valid hikes, so instead of alternating these hikes, the one going to the top of the Kabrietenberg and the other around the Kabrietenberg  I decided to schedule each of these seperately. That means that each of these two variations will be done more often.

From April 14, 2019 the repeating schedule will be:

  • Malpais
  • St. Michiel's mountain via the Seru Blandan
  • Parke Sorsaka and the Jan Thiel lagoon
  • Kabrietenberg (Mountain of the goats)
  • Jan Thiel West
  • Vaersenbay - Boka Sami - Seru Sami
  • Caracasbay peninsula
  • Seru Jamanika

This schedule will be repeated every 8 weeks.

Apart from the schedules hikes on Sunday private hikes are possible on other days for groups of at least 4 adults each paying the normal fee of $10 or for smaller groups for a minimum fee of $40.